Local Dive Sites

Fun Divers Dive Shop takes people scuba diving at a variety of different dive sites along the North East Coast of Taiwan.  Here are some of our favorite dive sites!

Bat Cave is a great dive site for all divers, from beginners to pros with something for everyone.  There are sheltered shallow areas full of life and deeper, more challenging areas for those who want to explore a bit farther.  

Bat Cave

Secret Garden is a favorite among local divers.  With its garden of sea fans, whip corals, lionfish and porcupine fish resting in barrel sponges among other soft coral. Giant groupers, batfish and trumpetfish are a common sighting. It is truly a must see site  in the northeast coast.

Secret Garden

Found at it's namesake mile marker, 82.5 is a lovely dive site with a wall and lots of nooks and crannies to explore.  Also one of the few sites where the "Pikachu" nudibranch can be spotted!


A spectacular artificial reef in Badouzi Bay consisting of a 2 story iron structure in the shape of a large house.  Usually surrounded by schools of small fish, batfish, and even the occasional giant grouper and amberjack, every dive there is an interesting one.  Iron house is only accessible by boat, however, so book your boat diving trip with Fun Divers Tw today!

Iron House (Boat Diving)

An old fishing vessel sunk in Badouzi Harbor and now an artificial reef.  The Badouzi Shipwreck is a great place to spot giant groupers, huge schools of fish, and even amberjacks!  You can swim through the cabin of the ship and explore around the bow sticking high out of the sand!  This dive site is only accessible by boat, so book your boat diving tour with Fun Divers Tw today!

Badouzi Shipwreck (Boat Diving)

A beautiful bay with several dive sites to choose from.  Great for beginners and advanced divers alike!

Long Dong Bay

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