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瘋潛水 團隊


Dennis Wong

“We dive not to escape life, but for life not to escape us!”

IDC Staff Instructor

Dennis Wong has been scuba diving since 1998. Upon seeing fish big or small in large schools swimming in unison, he wanted to share this mesmerizing underwater world with everyone. He decided to become a PADI Instructor in 2013, and is now IDC Staff since 2018. PADI has awarded him Elite Instructor status for his vigilance and attention to detail from 2020-2023.

Billy Evalt

“The sea, once it casts it’s spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever!” - Jacques Cousteau


Billy is a PADI dive instructor from Seattle, Washington. He has been diving since 2008 and has been an instructor since 2012. He first started diving in Vietnam after a friend recommended it and once underwater, he was hooked! He has been diving in many countries, including: Thailand, Turkey, Italy and New Zealand. He became a dive instructor because he loves watching the students’ eyes light up, as his did, when the underwater world is revealed to them. He believes the more divers we have in the world; the better our chances of making a positive change for our oceans!

T.J. Purtell


TJ decided to become a divemaster to have another way to share his love for the ocean with others.  As a fan of classic photography, he dived deep into underwater shooting right after his AOW class with Fun Divers Taiwan.  You can find some highlights of his undersea exploration on his Instagram account @wrldsuksgo2mars .  When he’s not underwater, he raises parrots and works in technology.

Ava Gurley


Ava is a divemaster from California. She loves diving because of how quiet and peaceful everything is underwater which makes it easier to take in all of the amazing sights around you.

Jessica Mills

Divemaster in Training

Jess is from Montreal, Canada. She's been living in Taiwan for a few years and it's where she truly fell in love with diving. She remembers after her first dive, she surfaced and immediately turned to her instructor and said, "How can I do that everyday?" Since then, you can find her underwater looking for nudibranchs and octopi on the weekends.

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