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PADI Deep Diver Specialty

Explore deeper dive sites with confidence at depths down to 40 metres/130 ft. Learn to manage your gas supply, go over buddy contact procedures, and buoyancy control.

Misty Woodland

There is something about the deep that lures in all divers. It is exciting and mysterious. Sometimes it’s descending to a shipwreck or down a sheer wall, or just to say that you’ve gone to 40 meters. But, you will need to follow some special safety measures to do it with confidence.


You will need to know the importance of your personal limits. Proper planning, good buddy contact procedures, good buoyancy control, dealing with gas supply and knowing when you may be suffering from nitrogen narcosis are essential.

Misty Woodland


15 years old

Adventure Diver

Course Length:

2 Days - 4 open water dives



Gear rental is not included


Transportation is included

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