Multi-Day Fun Diving Trip

Jun 10-13


Advanced Certified with 50 Dives

跟瘋潛水去澎湖! Dive Penghu with Fun Divers Tw!

由於澎湖的距離與美景, 它是台灣必潛景點之一!
名額有限, 請盡快報名!

Penghu is considered a Must-See dive destination in Taiwan due to its beauty and remoteness! Space is limited, so book early to secure your spot!

團費Tour Price:

上下舖 Bunk Room: 24,500ntd
雙人套房Double Room (ensuite): 26,300ntd/each (double occupancy)

費用包含 Included:

潛水:3日8支船潛(含導潛), 將軍島的餐點住宿上全包, 兩人一台機車, 四天保險, 導潛小費

Dives: 3 day 8 boat dives (dive masters included), Meals and accommodation on Jiangjun’ao, Shared Motorbike, 4-day basic insurance, Divemaster Tips (1000ntd/each), 3 Day Locator Beacon Rental

❋團費不包含Package does not include:

兩天裝備租借Full Equipment Rental: $1,200 x 3
馬公台北來回,原則上以飛機為主(機票約 $4000) Taipei-Magong flights (approximately 4000ntd)
潛水裝備超重行李費(超過10 公斤, $15/公斤) Oversize baggage surcharge for Dive Gear (15ntd/kg over 10kg)
Dive Insurance for 3 days: $700 (required)

* 保確您的名額, 請匯入訂金$15,000
Please transfer $15,000 deposit to confirm your booking.

餘款需於05/14付清 The remaining balance must be paid by 05/14.

匯款帳號如下,匯款完畢,請私訊Wong, Dennis哦!
帳號:1305 4100 1904

Please transfer the deposit to:
Wong, Dennis
Bank code: 822
Account: 1305 4100 1904

*記得攜帶防曬用品,浮力袋(船潛必備),電腦錶(船潛必備),紀錄書,暈船藥, 身份證號或居留證號

*Remember to Bring:

- Sun Protection

- Certification Card

- Log Book

- Seasick Pills (if necessary)

- ARC No. or Passport No. / ID Card No.

- Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) – (Required for boat dives)

- Dive Computer (Required for boat dives)

臨時取消行程之賠償金額 Cancellation Fee

60天前取消,行程費用之25% - 25% of Deposit within 60 days of the trip
30天前取消,行程費用之50% - 50% of Deposit within 30 days of the trip
21天前取消,不予以退費 - Within 21 days of trip, there will be no refund

行程 Approximate Itinerary:


06:00 松山機場集合Meet at Taipei Songshan Airport

07:00 松山機場起飛Depart from Songshan Airport

華信航空 班次AE361 松山 TSA –澎湖MZG
(不包含在團費中, 請自行訂票. 請參考以下注意事項)

Mandarin Airlines Flight AE361 TSA-MZG Taipei (Songshan) – Penghu (Magong)
(Not included in price, book separately, See notes below)

08:45 抵達馬公機, 搭乘計程車到碼頭Arrive at Magong Airport and Taxi to Port

09:00 乘船到將軍嶼, 安排房間, 享用午餐. Ferry to Jaingjun’ao Island. Check into rooms and have lunch

下午: 船潛2支Afternoon: 2 Boat Dives

傍晚: 晚餐 Evening: Dinner

06/11 & 06/12

南方四島船潛, 每天各3支加3餐. 潛點依當天氣候和海況決定.
Daily Itinerary will vary depending on dive conditions and dive locations. There will be 3 Dives both days in Nanfangsidao National park as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner.


07:00 搭船回馬公Ferry back to Magong

12:20 馬公機場起飛Depart Magong Airport

華信航空 班次AE364 松山 TSA –澎湖MZG
(不包含在團費中, 請自行訂票. 請參考以下注意事項)

Mandarin Airlines Flight AE364 MZG-TSA Penghu (Magong) – Taipei(Songshan)
(Not included in price, book separately, See notes below)

13:15 抵達台北 Arrive in Taipei


- 潛水員必須自行訂購松山-澎湖來回機票. 我們建議先盡快訂購松山到澎湖的航班.  航空公司會在4月12日早上9點開放澎湖回程的機位. 瘋潛水會搭乘以上的班次, 我們建議您訂同一班次.

- 在澎湖潛水,有可能遇上強大的海流和有深度的潛點, 是具有挑戰性的. 參加的潛水員需備進階執照及50支氣瓶以上

- 如有特殊狀況發生(如天災: 颱風, 地震)而滯留, 須追加食宿費用.

- Divers must book their own flights to Magong from Songshan. We recommend booking the outbound flight now and then booking the return flight when it opens for sale on April 12th at 9am. Fun Divers will be flying via the flights listed above and we recommend booking the same flights.

- The dives in Penghu are challenging with possible strong currents and deeper dive sites. All divers must be advanced certified with a minimum of 50 dives.

- In the event of an overstay being required due to emergencies (typhoon, earthquake, etc.) the diver will be responsible for any additional charges incurred.

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