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Lambai Island

PADI Open Water Course

Feb 5, 17-19


Beginning Level Course Open to All

Field of Flowers

小琉球 小琉球 Beautiful Lambai

A weekend trip to Lambai Island to enjoy some time away from the city learning to dive!  We will be diving with sea turtles, and getting our PADI Open Water Certification!


往返東港船票, 兩晚上住宿 ,早餐 x 2,午餐 x 2,晚餐 x 1,機車(兩人一台),課程潛水四支, 潛水險。


Round Trip Ferry, 2 Nights Shared Rooms, 2 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 1 Dinner, 2 Days Shared Motorbike, 4 Course Dives, 2 Days Full Diving Insurance.


Additional Food, Drinks & Entertainment are NOT included

團費 Tour Price:

背包房 Bunk Room: $11,800

雙人房 Basic Double Room: $13,500 (double occupancy)

歡迎非潛水員參加 Non-Divers are also welcome to join $6,400 (bunk room)


兩天裝備租借 Basic Equipment Rental: $1,200 x 2 days (included with Open Water Course)

全套裝備租借(含電腦錶和浮力棒) Full Equipment Rental: $1,600 x 2 days

(includes Dive Computer and SMB)

台北東港來回交通費 Return Transport: $1,400


初級課程 Open Water Course $11,600 (Normally $14,600)

行程Approximate Itinerary:

05 Feb: 8:30am-4pm
先上泳池 ,下午回來Fun Divers潛水教室考試
Knowledge Check and Pool lessons
Bring your swimsuit, towel and a snack

17 Feb

16:00 離開台北Depart Fun Divers Dive Center (earlier if possible)
20:00飯店Hotel Kaohsiung

18 Feb

07:30 早餐 Breakfast

08:00 出發 Depart

09:00 東港漁港 Donggang Dock-小琉球 Liu Qiu Island

10:00 岸潛一支 1 Shore Dive

11:30 中餐 Lunch

12:30 岸潛一兩支 1 or 2 Shore Dives

18:00 吃到飽烤肉 All you can eat BBQ Dinner

19 Feb

07:30 早餐Breakfast

08:00 岸潛一兩支 1 or 2 Shore Dives

12:30 中餐 Lunch

14:30 小琉球 Liu Qiu Island ─ 東港 Donggang

15:30 離開東港 Depart from Donggang

21:30 抵達台北 Arrive in Taipei

* 請於匯入訂金 $11,000 Please transfer $11,000 deposit to confirm your booking.

餘款需於02/05 付清 The remaining balance must be paid by 02/05.

Please transfer the deposit to:

Wong, Dennis CTBC Bank

Bank code: 822

Account: 1305 4100 1904

Branch: Shuang He

匯款帳號如下,匯款完畢,請私訊Wong, Dennis哦!


帳號:1305 4100 1904


*記得攜帶 Remember to Bring:
- 證照卡 Certification Card
- 潛水日誌 Log Book
- 電腦表 Dive Computer(required if doing boat dives) (rental 300/day)
- 浮力棒 (SMB) Surface Marker Buoy(required if doing boat dives) (rental 150/day)
- 暈船藥 Seasick Pills
- 防賽 Sun Protection

- 大毛巾Towel

- 薄夾克Jacket

臨時取消行程之賠償金額 Cancellation Fee

· 14天前取消,行程費用之25% - 25% of Deposit within 14 days of the trip

· 10天前取消,行程費用之50% - 50% of Deposit within 10 days of the trip

· 07天前取消,不予以退費 - Within 7 days of trip, there will be no refund

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