Lambai Island

Multi-Day Fun Diving Trip

Dec 30-Jan 02


Advanced Certification Recommended

Field of Flowers

New Year’s Trip to Lambai Island

We’re planning on a midnight dive as the clock strikes 12!
Start 2023 off the right way, underwater!


往返東港船票, 三晚住宿 ,早餐 x 2,午餐 x 3,晚餐 x 2,機車(兩人一台),船潛六支, 岸潛一支, 跨年夜潛一支, 三天潛水險。


Return Ferry, 3 Nights Shared Rooms, 2 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, 2 Dinners, 3 Days Shared Motorbike, 6 Boat Dives, 1 Shore Dive, 1 New Year’s Eve Night Dive, 3 Days Full Diving Insurance.


Additional Food, Drinks & Entertainment are NOT included

團費 Tour Price:

背包房 Bunk Room: $15,300

雙人房 Basic Double Room: $16,700 (double occupancy)

海景雙人房 Ocean View Double Room: $18,000 (double occupancy)


三天基本裝備租借 Basic Equipment Rental: $1,200 x 3 days

三天全套裝備租借(含電腦錶和浮力棒) Full Equipment Rental: $1,600 x 3 days (Includes Dive Computer and SMB)

台北東港來回交通費 Return Transport: $1,400

手電筒租借Light Rental: $200


高氧課程 Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty $6,000 (原價 Normal Price $6,600)

深潛課程 Deep Dive Specialty $5,200 (原價 Normal Price $6,200)

進階課程 Advanced Open Water $11,000 (原價 Normal Price $12,200)
初級課程 Open Water Course $11,400 (Normally $14,800)

* 請匯入訂金 $8,000 Please transfer $8,000 deposit to confirm your booking.

餘款需於12/23 付清 The remaining balance must be paid by 12/23.

匯款完畢,請私訊Wong, Dennis 匯款帳號如下


帳號:1305 4100 1904

Please transfer the deposit to:

Wong, Dennis


Bank code: 822

Account: 1305 4100 1904

*記得攜帶Remember to Bring:
- 證照卡 Certification Card
- 潛水日誌 Log Book
- 電腦錶 Dive Computer(required) (rental 300/day)
- 浮力棒 (SMB) Surface Marker Buoy(required) (rental 150/day)
- 暈船藥 Seasick Pills
- 防曬 Sun Protection

臨時取消行程之賠償金額 Cancellation Fee

· 14天前取消,酌收訂金之25% - 25% of Deposit within 14 days of the trip

· 10天前取消,酌收訂金之50% - 50% of Deposit within 10 days of the trip

· 07天前取消,不予以退費 - Within 7 days of trip, there will be no refund

行程 Approximate Itinerary:

Dec 30th

16:50 離開台北Depart Fun Divers Dive Center (earlier if possible)
21:30 高雄飯店Hotel Kaohsiung

Dec 31st

07:00 早餐 Breakfast

07:30 出發 Depart

09:00 東港漁港 Donggang Dock-小琉球 Liu Qiu Island

10:00 岸潛一支 1 Shore Dive

11:30 中餐 Lunch

12:30 船潛兩支 2 Boat Dives

18:00 吃到飽烤肉 All you can eat BBQ Dinner

23:30 跨年夜潛 New Year’s Eve Night Dive

Jan 1st

Morning: 自由時間 Free Time

11:30 中餐 Lunch

12:30 船潛兩支 2 Boat Dives

18:00 晚餐 Dinner

Jan 2nd

07:30 早餐Breakfast

08:00 船潛兩支 2 Boat Dives

12:30 中餐 Lunch

15:00 小琉球 Liu Qiu Island ─ 東港 Donggang

16:00 離開東港 Depart from Donggang

21:30 抵達台北 Arrive in Taipei

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