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PADI Advanced Course

May 28, 29


PADI Open Water Certification (or other organization equivalent) Required before taking this course

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Come take the next step and get your PADI Advanced Certification with Fun Divers Tw!

By taking the PADI Advanced Course, you will learn more about the underwater world while expanding your diving skills. You will practice your navigation and go deeper. After the course, you will be certified to 30 meters which will open up more dive sites to you around the world. You will also be able to choose 3 specialty dives based on your interests! Choose which specialties are right for you! See your options here!

Course Price:$12,200

價錢 :$12,200

Get a discount if you sign up with a friend!

Gear Rental: 1200ntd/Day.

Course fees include Books, SMB, Reel and Transportation.

Course Schedule:

May 28 & 29: 5 dives total with 3 on one day and 2 on the other. Possible night dive on the 3 dive day!

Transfer 5000ntd Deposit to the account below to secure your spot!

匯款帳號如下,匯款完畢,請私訊Wong, Dennis哦!
帳號:1305 4100 1904

Please transfer the deposit to:
Wong, Dennis
Bank code: 822
Account: 1305 4100 1904
Branch: Shuang He

Learn Scuba Diving with Fun Divers Tw! The Way Diving Should Be Taught!

Find out more information about the PADI Advanced Course here!

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