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Fun Divers Dive Center

Gear Maintenance Course

Feb 11 or 12


Open To All

Field of Flowers

Fun Divers is running a Gear Maintenance Course for divers that want to learn how to check and maintain their own gear.

Topics include:

· Checking and Adjusting Regulator Air Flow

· Troubleshooting Common Problems with Gear

· Proper Cleaning and Lubricating Techniques

· Showing and Explaining Internal and External Parts of Regulators and BCDs

(this is NOT a certification course, we will NOT be servicing internal parts of regs)

Why ALL divers should take this course:

· Gain an understanding of how the gear works

· Have more trust in your gear

· Be able to diagnose and deal with most problems on the spot

· Be more self-reliant

Cost: $2800 for workshop with instructor


Bring your own BCD and Regulators if you have them! If you don’t, you can work with our gear!

Learn Scuba Diving with Fun Divers Dive Center!
Taipei’s Number 1 Foreigner Run, PADI Dive Shop

Please transfer the deposit to:

Wong, Dennis CTBC Bank

Bank code: 822

Account: 1305 4100 1904

Branch: Shuang He

匯款帳號如下,匯款完畢,請私訊Wong, Dennis哦!


帳號:1305 4100 1904


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