Badouzi Boat Diving

Local Boat Diving

Sep 4


Advanced and Nitrox Certification Required

Field of Flowers

八斗子一日船潛 Badouzi Boat Diving with Fun Divers Tw


Tired of the heavy lifting on shore dives?

Come explore the outer reaches of Badouzi Bay by Boat. We will be doing 2 boat dives in Badouzi!



Included: Transportation, 2 Boat Dives with Nitrox, Dive Guide, Locator Beacon, Full Coverage Dive Insurance

團費 Tour Price: $3,200


高氧課程 $5,600 (原價 $6,600) -- Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty $5,600 (Normal $6,600)

進階課程 Advanced Open Water $11,000 (原價Normal Price $12,200)

額外費用 Additional:

一天基本裝備租借 Basic Equipment Rental: $1200
全套裝備租借(含電腦錶和浮力棒)Full EquipmentRental: $1600 (includes Dive Computer and SMB)

潛水錶租借 (必備) Computer Rental (required): $300

浮力袋租借(必備) SMB Rental (required): $150

* 請儘早匯入全額,確保您的名額

Please transfer the total As Soon As Possible to confirm your seat.

匯款帳號如下,匯款完畢,請私訊Wong, Dennis哦!


帳號:1305 4100 1904


Please transfer the payment to:

Wong, Dennis


Bank code: 822

Account: 1305 4100 1904

Branch: Shuang He

*記得攜帶身份證明, 潛水證, 潛水紀錄本, 防曬用品

*Remember to Bring:

- ARC/ID Card (for Coast Guard)

- Certification Card

- Log Book

- Sun Protection

- Dive Computer – All divers MUST have
- Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) – All divers MUST have

*Dive Location may change due to weather conditions

臨時取消行程之賠償金額 Cancellation Fee

• 15天前取消,行程費用之25% - 25% of trip price within 15 days of the trip

• 10天前取消,行程費用之50% - 50% of trip price within 10 days of the trip

• 7天前取消,不予以退費 - Within 7 days of trip price, there will be no refund

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